Protected and Conserved Area Application Form
for the ‘IUCN Green List Programme’
To be added to and remain on the IUCN Green List, PAs need to complete a process that is made up of three Phases: Application – Candidate – Green List.
By completing and submitting this form, the PA registers its interest in the Green List and commits to demonstrating a level of performance that is compliant with the requirements of the Green List Standard, within five years of signature.
The application form shall be submitted by the person who will take the lead on the PA’s Green List application. This can be a PA Manager or an appropriate member of staff of the PA or of the respective Agency of the PA.
Once the registration has been accepted by IUCN, the PA will enter the Application Phase and the PA representative will be provided with a login to COMPASS, the online portal that is used to administer the Green List Programme.
Before completing this form, the applicant PA shall carefully read the ‘Green List Standard’, the associated set of ‘Generic Indicators’ (or, if available, the set of ‘Adapted Indicators’ for the respective jurisdiction) and the ‘Green List User Manual’ available on

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